Pilgrimage beyond borders

Nordic Pilgrimage Theological Days in Turku (11.) 12.–13.11.2024

Target group and invitees: Nordic pilgrimage centre operators + other interested parties
Language: English

Accommodation: 1 hh €72/person/night, incl. breakfast – 2 hh €41/person/night, incl. breakfast

Accommodation questions:
Program questions: Pilgrimage centre (Pyhiinvaelluskeskus)


€85 (incl. program and meals, seminardays)
€115 (incl. program and meals, preday and seminardays)

Registration can be canceled free of charge within the registration period. After that, cancellations made at least 24 hours before the start of the course will be charged 20% of the course fee. We charge the full participation fee for registrations that are later canceled or not canceled at all. By presenting a sick leave certificate, we can waive the participation fee.

Program outline of the days

Monday 11.11. preday

Tueday 12.11. seminar day I

  • 8.00 Breakfast in Linnasmäki
  • 9.00 Morning prayer and welcome
  • 9.30 Program Module I
    I) Ecocrisis and hope – Pilgrimage as a promoter of a culture of moderation (Annastiina Papinaho & Panu Pihkala)
    – Future and hope, chains of generations
    – Environmental theme – ecotheology and environmental feelings/educational perspectives
    – How does pilgrimage activity in Finland reflect this?
  • Pause
    – fruit and water
  • II) Ownership, power and the boundaries of the sacred and secular – secular pilgrimage (Jouni Elomaa)
  • III) Borders and ecumenism – (Miika Ahola)
    – How is ecumenism implemented in the other Nordic countries?
  • 12-13 Lunch
  • 13.30 Pilgrimage from Linnasmäki to Turku Cathedral
  • 16.00 coffee and snack at the Cathedral
  • 16.30 Program Module II:
    – Presentation of the Pilgrimage centre, pilgrimage in the Cathedral
  • Greetings from vicar of Turku Cathedral Aulikki Mäkinen
  • Self guide to the Cathdral of Turku and information about the different pilgrimage action in Finland
    – Pilgrimage Centre, pilgrimage activities, routes and associations, Pilgrimage in Movement research project
    – Agricola Chapel: children and young people – the future
    – Kijk Chapel: accessibility, special needs groups
    – Historical guidance via brochures + QR codes & separate saint altars
  • 18.00 Pilgrimage theological & academic discussion (open to all)
    – Keynote presentation vice professor Minna Opas Pilgrimage in Movement
    – Discussion and Music
  • 20.00 Dinner together
  • Returning to Linnasmäki

Wednesday 13.11. Seminar Day II

  • 8.00 Breakfast in Linnasmäki
  • 9.00 Morning prayer
  • 9.30 Program Module I
  • Pilgrimage in Movement – medieval routes in Turku (Anni Hella)
    – Pilgrimage in Movement research project
    – Short routes already in the Middle Ages
    – Theology of Walking
  • Short collaboration sessions
    – Open discussions, Pilgrim i Dag magazine, ACSOW
    – Information about the other countries pilgrimage action
  • Check-out
  • 12-13 Lunch
  • 13.15 Transfer to the Cathedral
    – Bags to the Sacristy
  • 13.30 Programme Module II
    – Visit to the Orthodox Church
    – Presentation: Pilgrimages in Orthodox Christianity
  • 15.45 Walk to the Cathedral
  • 16.15 Pilgrimage Mass
  • 17.15 Thank you, goodbye & coffee and sandwiches together

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