Finnish for foreigners, beginner’s level

Finnish for foreigners, beginner’s level (integration training).

The training starts 12.8.2024.

  • The training is for you if you don’t know any Finnish or know only the very basics.
  • The training is for you, if you have obtained sufficient basic education / vocational education in your home country.
  • It is for you also if you want to repeat the basics you have learnt earlier on a beginner’s course.
  • You learn Finnish language and get to know important information on the Finnish society.
  • In addition to Finnish language and communication you study information technology, civics and physical exercise.
  • You get guidance to your training.

On-the-job-learning is also included in the training.

  • You get prepared for further studies.
  • You get to know Finnish professions and working life.
  • You start to integrate into the Finnish society.

The training consists of appr 25 hours guided teaching per week.

The admission requirements and how to apply

The application period for the training has ended. You can ask about possible free study places in mid-August. You can apply online or fill in an application on paper.

You can participate in the training if you are over 17 years of age and literate. The training is primarily for students who have sufficient basic education or vocational education from home country. Language requirement for the training is 0-A1.2.

If you are a client of the TE-office and in the integration process you apply through the TE-office 1.–31.5.2024. If you are a client of the municipality, contact the municipality’s Työpiste.


Student fee: 100 € including the lunch, the books and other materials needed in the training.
The fee is not charged if the training is part of your integration plan.

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